EVENTS 101 trainings amplify and enhance mission-driven organizations’ efforts to create events that build vibrant and resilient communities. A strong events program makes a meaningful, measurable difference in the health and longevity of a local organization, as well its ability to touch more lives within the community through fundraising, awareness, and relationship-building.

Your donation today can cover part of all of the attendance costs for a single student, a block of professionals from a local organization, or provide the funds needed to train an entire community’s worth of team members from multiple organizations.


Nonprofits, CBOs, and Local Government Agencies

…dedicating limited funds and staff time to engage with and enrich lived experiences throughout local communities.

Your donation of $199 today will allow an individual professional from a community-focused organization to attend an upcoming EVENTS 101 program at no charge.



Programs, Events, and Experiences Produced Annually

…in support of tourism and economic development, raising awareness, fundraising, and uniting communities.

A gift of $1,500 will support the future of organizations working to build vibrant local communities, allowing up to ten professionals to attend EVENTS 101 at no cost.



Potential Social Impact Throughout the United States

Grassroots organizations are woven into every community fabric across the United States and have the chance to touch every single life.

Foster transformative growth as an EVENTS 101 Sponsor! You invite professionals from key local organizations, helping to build resilient and thriving communities.


Help Local Organizations Build Strong Communities