EVENTS 101 delivers professional development courses to events-producing organizations and their important stakeholders like boards, teams, volunteers, and important others. Whether you’re producing the largest fairs or intimate fundraisers, food and culture festivals or holiday celebrations, EVENTS 101 supports your organization in developing teams that can create, produce, and manage events optimized to achieve mission, engagement, and fundraising goals.

EVENTS 101 is a family of high-quality professional development trainings – the kind you typically find at national conferences with hefty tuition, high conference fees, and often insurmountable travel expenses. We bring these phenomenal learning opportunities TO YOU, teaching one-, two-, or three-day seminars locally, at the grassroots level, and at affordable rates that make these trainings accessible and equitable to all organizations.

Taught by instructors with decades of experience producing or managing events from intimate fundraisers to large-scale fairs and festivals and themed destination events with hundreds of thousands of guests, our team brings practical, hard-earned expertise, a track record of industry innovation, and unique insights to the EVENTS 101 classroom experience.

Students learn the theories and best practices that form the backbone of high-quality event visioneering, production, and management. They’ll also have the opportunity to examine real-world events that have gone right (or wrong) through historical case studies.

All trainings are delivered live and in-person by our instructors, allowing for in-depth discussion, applying industry lessons to events and situations faced by students in-class. Our trainings are engaging, personal, and designed to empower local event producers at every level to leave with new knowledge, insights, and connections in their community.

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