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Foundation Events ECC, the producers of the EVENTS 101 family of events-focused professional development education programs, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit events organization. In addition to EVENTS 101, Foundation creates and produces events, programs, and experiences that enhance economic development, tourism, and quality of life, and supports local events-producing organizations in their efforts to build strong, vibrant, resilient communities.

The “ECC” in Foundation’s name encompasses the core values of EDUCATION, CAPACITY, and COMMUNITY, embodied in the EVENTS101 program. By creating national-caliber events education opportunities and delivering them conveniently, affordably, and equitably at the local level, Foundation’s efforts:.

  • Provide world-class EDUCATION to individuals, teams, and industries needed to produce events that embrace mission priorities while delivering high ROI and measurable, positive outcomes;
  • Enhance the CAPACITY of organizations to produce bigger and better events, more frequently, to serve more diverse audiences, achieve mission objectives, and touch more lives;
  • Support the development of thriving, resilient COMMUNITY fabrics by empowering organizations to be self-sufficient event producers by supporting them with strategic consulting and operational support.

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